53rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank

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2020-03-20 2020 Annual Meeting Postponed

2020 ADB Annual Meeting Postponed until September

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will be postponed until 18 September, 2020.


Given the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in various parts of the world, Ministry of Economy and Finance of Republic of Korea (MOEF) and ADB have agreed to change the meeting dates, planned to be held on 2-5 May, 2020, to 18-21 September, 2020.


The meeting will be held in Songdo Incheon, Korea as planned, the schedule being the same as originally prepared.


The Board of Governors’ meeting will be held on a reduced scale at ADB Headquarters in Manila in the first half of this year, where only financial statements related agenda will be approved. The meeting will then be adjourned and reconvene in September 2020 that will comprise a full-scale annual meeting in Incheon, dealing with the remaining major agenda and conducting all events including Governors’ Seminar and ministerial-level meetings.


Such adjustments have been made due to safety concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of Annual Meeting participants and local citizens is of utmost importance, and it is also taken into consideration that ADB members are to pull together to prevent infection and contain further spread of the virus in the region.


Furthermore, due to travel restrictions implemented by a lot of countries and concerns about infection through mass gatherings, the possibility of the meeting being less fruitful if held in May was factored in to make such a decision.


After close consultations with ADB since last month, as well as related ministries, MOEF delivered on March 13 its official proposal for the postponement of the meeting to ADB, and today, the Board of Directors of ADB approved the proposal and confirmed the postponement of the meeting.


 “Considering that such a large scale international event will 1) support companies’ business expansion to overseas market, 2) ensure opportunities for high level economic cooperation such as New Southern Policy, and 3) revitalize the coronavirus-hit economy, it is decided to postpone, not cancel, and hold the meeting within this year.”, said Huh Chang, Deputy Minister for International Affairs of MOEF.


He added that “The annual meeting in September will comprise Governors’ Business Session, Governors’ Seminar and ministerial-level meetings, which would make the meeting a successful one.”


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Source: http://english.moef.go.kr/pc/selectTbPressCenterDtl.do?boardCd=N0001&seq=4861