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Welcome to Incheon

About Incheon

Open the road for the Republic of Korea
Connect the road to the world
It becomes the road for you and I

Core Value of City Brand

First Ever: Become the Best, Getting Beyond the First

The first story of the Republic of Korea started here, in Incheon. The "First Ever" is the main value of the city brand meaning ‘to become Korea’s first and Incheon’s best.’ The "First Ever" is Incheon’s spirit of opening a new chapter of Korea and willingness for a new adventure. This is the force of what made the Republic of Korea today.

Brand Slogan


Incheon Metropolitan City’s brand slogan "all ways Incheon” means "all ways lead to Incheon," a place which opens the way to the Republic of Korea, connects the way to the world, and becomes the road for you and me. It represents the present and orientation of Incheon Metropolitan City and has the function to effectively convey the message and value of the city brand.

Incheon Offers

Great International Accessibility

Incheon City is the fastest gateway to Korea. Incheon International Airport is connected to various countries in the world. There are 90 airlines connecting between Incheon International Airport and 188 cities in 59 countries around the world.

Well-Established Transportation Network

As the representative transit platform city of Korea, the transportation network is well established in Incheon. Through the Express Train and Incheon International Airport Railroad, people can travel from Incheon to Seoul quickly. Through the Seohaean Expressway (West Coast Expressway), people can travel not only to Seoul but also to other cities easily.

Global City

As a global city, Incheon holds numerous large international conferences. Additionally, various international organizations including the Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the World Bank (WB) Office in Korea are located in Songdo. Also, the Incheon Global Campus, in which Korea students can get a degree of foreign universities such as The State University of New York, George Mason University, etc. is operated by Incheon.


Songdo Central Park

In the middle of high-tech business districts and residential complexes, Songdo Central Park was built with the latest technology, preventing heat island effect and efficiently recycling rainwater. Visitors can enjoy a water taxi ride on the man-made waterway, take a stroll at the walking promenades or various themed meadows around.

NC Cube Canal Walk

It is a shopping mall located in Songdo with the theme of four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. It is composed of more than 90 clothing stores and about 50 restaurants and cafes. There is a canal in the middle of the mall and people can take a break on the terrace near the canal.

China Town

China Town used to be the Qing-Japan Concession Place at the time of its opening, and some unique buildings of the two countries from that time are still remaining. In particular, a walking course called Incheon Gaehangnuri-gill Trail, which passes through Samgukji Mural Street, Jayu Park, Japanese Bank Street, Gonghwachun, and Incheon Art Platform is very popular.

Incheon Art Platform

Incheon Art Platform is a multiplex cultural arts center. The site is transforming the turn of the century structures and nearby buildings as part of the old downtown restoration project. It operates under the patronage of the Incheon Arts and Culture Foundation with the artists-in-residency program at its core.

Dohobu Government Office

‘Dohobu’ was Joseon Dynasty era’s government office in charge of administration. Nowadays, it offers a variety of programs and events for families to enjoy.

  • 20 minutes by car from ConvensiA
  • Closed on Mondays

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