Privacy Policy

The Host Country Secretariat of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) maintains affirmative commitment to Article 30. Personal Information Protection Act of Republic of Korea. This Policy sets forth principles governing the processing of personal data by the Host Country Secretariat to ensure consistent practices for protection and use of personal information that has been collected online. This policy may be modified from time to time. Thus it is recommended to periodically visit the website and check the policy for any changes.

1. Definitions

1) "Service" refers to services available for registration, hotel reservation and participation in tour programs
2) "Host Country Secretariat" refers to the Korea Organizing Committee of the 53rd Annual Meeting of the ADB
3) "User(s)" refers to a participant who uses "Serviceā€
4) "Online reservation system" refers to an online service that allows "User(s)" to register and make hotel/tour reservations, and submit personal information as required

2. Effective Date and Modification of Privacy Policy

This Policy is effective immediately upon opening of the online reservation system. The Host Country Secretariat reserves the right to modify or amend this policy from time to time. The changes may be communicated to users in advance through an appropriate channel. Users may choose not to accept the modified policy, but doing so may limit services in using the website. Unless otherwise provided in this policy, the protection of personal information shall be governed by the law or regulations of the Republic of Korea. Services will be limited if the user does not consent to modifications made on the policy.

3. Personal Information Collection and Method

Personal information is collected to provide services to users.

1) Types of information subject to collection may include:

2)  Collection Method

4. Purpose of Processing Personal Information

The Host Country Secretariat processes personal information to provide services such as using the website and making hotel reservations. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose other than providing services. If the purpose of use is changed, the Host Country Secretariat would take necessary measures such as asking for user's consent in compliance with Article 18. Personal Information Protection Act. Personal information related to the annual meeting shall not be used for the purposes other than to achieve the purpose of using the personal information, nor provided to the third parties without the consent from the user.

5. Retention of Personal Information

The Host Country Secretariat retains and uses user's personal information while services are used by the user, and will immediately destroy personal information once the purposes for which it was originally collected are fulfilled. Please note that certain personal information may need to be retained for a limited period of time where this is required by applicable law as follows:

6. Transfer of Personal Information to Third Parties

7. Outsourcing Personal Information Processing

The Host Country Secretariat outsources personal information processing to service providers. Outsourcing of work undergoes paper-based formalities pursuant to Article 26 of Personal Information Protection Act stating the following: Prevention of personal information processing for other purposes than the outsourced purpose; Technical and managerial safeguards of personal information; Restrictions on re-outsourcing; Inspection of the status of processing by service providers; and, The compensation of damage arising out of the processing of personal information outsourced to service providers. The Host Country Secretariat supervises how service providers process such personal information safely

Service Provider


Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Co-hosting organization

INTERCOM Convention Services, Inc.

Operating the annual meeting


Operating participants??hotel reservations

Oakwood Premier Incheon

Operating accommodation

Gyeongwonjae Ambassador

Operating accommodation

Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel

Operating accommodation

Orakai Songdo Park Hotel

Operating accommodation

Skypark Incheon Songdo Hotel

Operating accommodation

The Central Park Hotel Songdo

Operating accommodation

Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo

Operating accommodation

Grand Hyatt Incheon

Operating accommodation

Best Western Premier Incheon Airport

Operating accommodation

Ramada Songdo Hotel

Operating accommodation

Ramada Incheon Hotel

Operating accommodation

Hotel L-art City Park

Operating accommodation


Managing the annual meeting website and online program

Korea Tourism Organization

Participants Statistics & Survey

Unione Communications Co. LTD.

Operating tour programs & travel insurance

8. User Rights and Responsibilities

1) Users can withdraw their consent to the processing of personal information at any time. Users can do so by sending an email. Unless a delay in the processing of the withdrawal request is required by relevant laws and regulations, the Host Country Secretariat will immediately take the necessary steps to handle the request.

2) Users are obliged to protect their personal information. The Host Country Secretariat shall not be held liable by users in any event of any issues arising out of the leak of personal information caused by willful misconduct or negligence by the user.
- Users are responsible to keep their ID (e-mail), password and other personal information securely protected. Such information should not be given to or shared with third parties.
- After using the services, users should log out from their account and close the web browser.
- Users must comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information including but not limited to the IC Network Act, the Data Protection Act, Personal Information Protection Act, and the Resident Registration Act.

3) Users are responsible for providing accurate information. Users shall be solely responsible for any restriction and error of the service caused by inaccurate information submitted by the user.

9. Deletion of Personal Information

Personal information provided by the user shall be deleted after purposes for the collection and use of such information are fulfilled. Personal information that is documented on paper will be shredded or incinerated. Electronic files that contain personal information will be deleted by technical means to prevent reproduction of such records.

10. Safeguard of Personal Information

The Host Country Secretariat takes the following technical/managerial safeguards to prevent any loss, theft, leak, falsification or damage of user's personal information:

- Encryption of Personal Information: Users' personal information such as credit card details will be kept and managed using a trusted encryption algorithm.
- Limited number of individuals who can access personal information: The Host Country Secretariat is committed to the protection of personal information by ensuring that access to such information is strictly limited to a minimum number of individuals and by implementing training and managerial safeguards.

11. Automatically-Collected Personal Information System

1) The Host Country Secretariat uses 'cookies' that store and identify user's information to provide personalized services.

2) Cookies are small text files sent by the Host Country Secretariat website server to user's browser. They are stored in user's PC.

12. Measures to Ensure Personal Information Security

The Host Country Secretariat takes the following measures to ensure personal information security:

13.  Exception of Processing Personal Information

In accordance with Article 58 (Personal Information Protection Act), the above provisions does not apply in exceptional circumstances such as the urgent need for public health, safety and well-being.
*This provision will go into effect on 5 August 2020.

14.  Personal Information Manager

To protect personal information of users and handle any related issues, the Host Country Secretariat has designated Personal Information Managers.

<Personal Information Chief Manager>

<Personal Information Manager>

15. Remedy for Infringement of Rights

Users shall contact the following organizations if s/he wishes to report or consult about cases of infringement of personal information:

< The following organizations are separate from the Host Country Secretariat. Users shall contact them if they require assistance beyond what is offered by the Host Country Secretariat>